Floor Panel

Our Floor panels (Stainless steel) are designed to be used in temperature controlled and hygienically safe environments such as food processing facilities, frozen food, pharmaceuticals, cold/frozen warehouses and clean rooms.

It is designed both for indoor environments, in reinforced concrete structures and in open areas, in accordance with environmental and climatic conditions.

It is used between -40°C and room temperature.
It can be produced resistant to fire (B1 Chemistry certified)
It provides high performance thermal insulation.
It contains a joint detail that can accommodate hygienically safe sealant that provides excellent thermal performance.
It is hygienically safe, resistant to moisture ingress and minimizes the risk of toxic mold and bacteria growth.

Stainless Steel, Plywood / Galvanized


Width 1200mm
Thickness 80mm
Chrome Corner
Chrome intermediate panel
Plywood Corner
Plywood intermediate panel
Panel Density 40 (±2) kg/m3
Sheet Type Polyester, PVC, CrNi
Sheet Thickness 0.45mm / 0.50mm
Lock Detail Unlocked